About Us

Fairfield Township Staff & Board Members

Trustee – Julie Roush
Administrative Assistant – Teresa
Case Managers – Angie, Tonya & Cheryl
Inspector – Louis

Our best wishes go out to Kay on her retirement.  She served the township for over 13 years.  She will be missed.

Board Members
Board Chairman – Shane Weist
Board Secretary – John Parker
Board Member – Allen Nugent

Assisting the Township Trustee in managing this very localized form
of government is a three-member Township Board.

Among its duties are:

  • The adoption of the annual budget
  • Fixing the tax rate for each of the township funds
  • Imposing tax levies with county and state approval
  • Authorizing township indebtedness
  • Serving as the board of finance to select depositories for funds
  • Fixing salaries of the township officials and employees with the exception of constables
  • Keep record of all business transacted at all meetings
  • To advise with the Township Trustee concerning matters pertaining to the civil township
In Loving Memory
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       Steve Needham                                                      Cy Gerde