Gateway_header5Indiana Gateway for Government Units provides an open door into local government finance by providing access to information about how taxes and other public dollars are budgeted and spent by Indiana’s local units of government.

Indiana Municipalities hosts all Indiana government contacts online in an easy to browse book format.

What Township is your property in? – to find out follow this link to Tippecanoe County’s website and utilize their taxing district code database.

ita-logo-headerThe Indiana Township Association represents the 1008 Township Trustees and Township Boards in Indiana. Its mission is to secure for township officers and office holders full recognition and enjoyment of their rights to administer their responsibilities in a just and professional manner; to secure the tools necessary for them to fulfill their obligations as public servants; and to strengthen and extend our form of Township government in such a way as to provide to the citizens the services they are entitled., this portal to Indiana state government information is dedicated to providing online services for its citizens, businesses and governments.

Township Consolidation has become a rising issue since Governor Daniels established the commission on Local Government Reform. We at Fairfield Trustees’ Office believe there is no necessary relationship between government size and government efficiency. Specifically, it is concluded that township consolidation into counties could eventually cost the taxpayers of Indiana more than $1 billion annually. Please read the attached link for more information on this issue.